Domdruckminderer Entspannungsstation für Reinstgase bis 6.0 Entnahmestelle für Reinstgase bis 6.0 Flaschendruckminderer für Reinstgase bis 6.0 Leistungsdruckminderer für Reinstgase bis 6.0 Präzisionsdruckminderer



Automatic changeover valve ,,ACV‘‘ also for hydrogen and oxygen up to 300 bar


In cooperation with the company WK Armaturen from Oberursel, we have developed a new fully automatic changeover valve ,,ACV‘‘ made of stainless steel. The ACV ensures a fully automatic changeover with minimal pressure difference between the remaining bottle residual pressure and the output pressure of the cylinder station. It allows maximum emptying of gas cylinder/bottle bundle and is used for non-corrosive gases up to quality 5. 0. In addition to the application for hydrogen and oxygen, the testing and approval of acetylene is sought. The use of contact pressure gauges or sensors with ATEX approval is possible in Ex-Zones..

A modular design allows the use for different inlet pressure ranges:

25 bar for acetylene, 100, 200 and 300 bar for technical gases and high purity gases.

With the expansion modules, the system can be extended to 2×2 and 2×3 cylinder or cylinder bundles. The use of a pressure regulator with inlet pressure compensation ensures a constant working pressure.


The use of the new expansion station allows the maximum emptying of the gas cylinder and thus saves money and is environmentally friendly. By using a cylinder station with the ACV, the user only has to remove the empty gas cylinders or replace cylinder bundles with full ones. This task can be done independently by any gas supplier. This eliminates the need to without requiring manual intervention in the pressure control panel. The signal from the pressure gauge of the pressure control panel can be transmitted directly to the gas supplier, so that he knows that gas has to be delivered and the cylinders have to be changed.





We would like to thank our distributor AIRGAS TECHNOLOGY for the successful cooperation at the LabAsia fair in October 2019 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We look forward to continuing our partnership.


Hornung DOM-back-pressure-regulator / DOM-overflow valve VD1 and VDH1

Hornung GmbH launches its new DOM-back-pressure-regulators VD1 and VDH 1.
High-quality pressure regulators for industrial gases and high purity gases, developed and manufactured in-house, have been representing the company’s diverse product range for decades. Hornung completes the product range with the new 1″ back pressure regulators VD1 and VDH1 and thus two back pressure regulators / overflow valves for precise control of low, medium and high pressures. These products are used in process pressure control and pressure control of pumps and compressors. The pressure control and constant maintenance of a gas cushion, for tank superimposition, are also among the applications. The VD1 and VDH 1 with inlet pressure compensation operate with maximum precision and reliability. For low and medium pressures (up to 110 bar) the VD1 is available in brass and stainless steel. The Hornung team designed the VDH1 for high pressures up to 420 bar. This is also available in brass and stainless steel. A minimum hysteresis between opening and closing, as well as a flow coefficient of CV 3. 0 characterize these back pressure regulators. A very high control accuracy is achieved by a large diaphragm. The sealing materials used allow a temperature range from -40° C to +150° C, both with EPDM and FKM. An external gas source for the filling of the dome is not necessary, this offers an extremely user-friendly operability. Both back pressure regulators are also available with integrated pilot regulator. This has further increased the ease of operation.



We would like to thank all visitors and interested parties at our booth at this year’s ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt/Main.

We would like to thank all visitors and interested parties at this year’s ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt/Main
There was a lot to discover at our booth:

Hornung presents the new product range of dome and line pressure regulators from 1/2″ to 2″ nominal diameter.

Hornung expands its range with a completely revised product range of dome and line pressure regulators. Now a complete range of dome pressure regulators and spring-loaded line pressure regulators from 1/2″ to 2″ nominal diameter, up to a working pressure of 400 bar, is available. All pressure regulators are available in brass and stainless steel. In addition to the classic dome pressure regulators, all versions are obtainable with integrated pilot regulator. The complete product range has also been developed as back pressure regulators made of brass or stainless steel from 1/2″ to 2″ nominal diameter with an operating pressure up to 400 bar. Regulators up to 110 bar inlet pressure are also available in a low-pressure version up to 5 bar -for optimum control performance in this version. All regulators have connections for inlet and outlet pressure gauges.
The spring-loaded line pressure regulators are offered in various pressure ranges.
This new range of pressure regulators and back pressure regulators covers a very large number of applications for internal, combustible and aggressive gases.

Hornung GmbH is also continuously expending ist product range in the field of high purity gases, Equipment for gas Analysis an laboratory applications. See below the new “Precision Pressure Regulator HP 105” and “On Demand Regulator ODR1”



The new precision pressure regulator HP 105 from Hornung

– Compact construction by best control mode –

Hornung GmbH develops and manufactures gas control equipment for industrial gases and high purity gases since more than one hundred years at the location Neu-Isenburg „Precision made in Germany“.

The new pressure regulator HP 105, Hornung GmbH has expanded the product range as a compact two-stage cylinder pressure regulator with maximum constancy of the set outlet pressure.

The two-stage design with integrated inlet pressure compensation ensures a constant outlet pressure even with large changes at the inlet pressure. The precision pressure regulator HP 105 enables at the second stage the high precision adjustment of the outlet pressure.

Whether made of aluminum or stainless steel, the new HP 105 made the task with an inlet pressure of max. 200 bar and an outlet pressure from 50 mbar up to 7 bar, for all common types of gas brilliantly.

It is used for industrial gases and high purity gases up to 6.0, for example at the fields of gas analytics, gas chromatography, process engineering and laboratory applications. Highlight is the compact design, with an excellent control mode from 50 mbar operating pressure.

The standard vision HP 105 is equipped with class of 1.6 and double-scale gauges, as well as a gas-specific bottle connection and a blow-off valve.



Hornung GmbH presents the brand new “On Demand Regulator ODR 1”.

Gas On Demand!

These compact and economical vacuum actuated regulators eliminate the need for shut off valves, sample bags, or specially trained operators, make calibration quick and easy.

ODR 1 regulators supply precise amounts of gas as demanded by an analyzer/pump drawn instrument.

As long as the pump is active, the regulator will remain “open” and gas will flow, when the pump stops, the regulator will turn off.

Benefits are less wasted gas and lower calibration costs.



Hornung GmbH presents the Hornung company movies for pressure gas technology and system supply of components.